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Religious and Spiritual Status Resources

Spiritual and religious practices have been found to be integral for stress reduction and improvements in physical, mental, and emotional health. Cultivating spiritual health is an important tool for self-care and peace of mind, critical elements in fighting burnout.


How to find a spiritual connection

In his 2016 presentation at TEDxSquareMile, Radhanath Swami asks the question: In a word shrunken by digital connections, are we still nourishing the right connections in our lives and in society?

Raisin Meditation

Dave Potter leads the viewer through the practice of Raisin Meditation, an exercise included in the free online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course by Palouse Mindfulness. Grab a couple of raisins and a glass of water before you begin.

What is Spiritual Health?

This video by Project School Wellness, defines spiritual health and points out the difference between religion and spiritual health.

Spiritual Well Being Presentation

In this 2015 video from K-C Health Services, health and fitness instructor Katie DeWitt discusses a “cornerstone of personal wellness,” spiritual well-being. She defines it as “the ability to establish peace and harmony in our lives.”

Quiz Yourself

Spiritual Wellness Assessment

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Health Promotion and Wellness at Illinois State University provides this short 10-question quiz to determine spiritual wellness.


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What is Your Spiritual Wellness?

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Do you feel like you have purpose and meaning in your life? Take this quiz designed by the counseling service at Old Dominion University to find out. 

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